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We were early adopters of the Ketogenic diet. At the time, two large pharmaceutical companies sold meters to measure blood ketones. They worked but were expensive, difficult to use, and mainly designed for people with diabetes. Since there was nothing out there that met our needs, we designed it ourselves. KetoBM is easy to use, affordable and designed specifically for keto dieters.

Being keto dieters ourselves, we know that buying and learning how to use a medical device at home sounds complicated and time consuming. Don’t worry, we designed our meter in the simplest way possible, so you can focus on your diet while we make the measuring part simple!

We know how frustrating it is dealing with device issues or having test strips fail on you. We created our company policies with you in mind: full refunds if you are not happy with your meter and free replacement strips for any that fail on you. Just let us know if you encounter any issues and we will take care of it!