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KetoBM Blood Ketone Meter Kit

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  • Complete test kit comes with meter, lancing device, 10 lancets, and 10 ketone test strips.
  • Provides the most consistent and accurate data in just a matter of few seconds; you can see the results pop up on the large digital display.
  • You will barely feel anything as you only need a tiny blood sample taken from your fingertip. This will reduce errors and wasted strips due to insufficient sample size.
  • Easy to use and there's no need for calibration or control solution to make it work.
  • Researched and designed by keto dieters for people on keto: it's easy to use, affordable, and designed specifically for keto dieters.

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Researched and Designed by Keto Dieters

We were early adopters of the Ketogenic diet. At the time, two large Pharma companies sold meters to measure blood ketones. They worked but were expensive, difficult to use, and mainly designed for people with diabetes. Since there was nothing out there that met our needs, we designed ourselves. KetoBM is easy to use, affordable and designed specifically for keto dieters.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Ketosis

Ketone urine strips are used by diabetics to test for ketoacidosis. While they’re cheap, they're not accurate enough to test for ketosis on a ketogenic diet. Ketone breath analyzers are non-invasive but not accurate enough either. Blood ketone meters provide medically accurate, real-time results and are considered the gold standard of ketone testing at home.

Accurate Ketone Readings Every Time

Getting consistent, accurate data is imperative on the keto diet. You can’t rely on the smell of your breath, energy level, weight loss, or other subjective factors. With KetoBM, you’ll know for sure if you’re in ketosis. It will allow you to analyze how you react to a variety of foods so that you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions.


In seconds, you can take a minuscule sample of blood from your finger and test it in the meter. Your results will pop up on the large digital display. For your convenience, we include a user guide and a quick -start guide. We’re always available if you have any questions too!

There’s No Pain, You’ll Barely Feel It

Relative to competitors, our meter requires the smallest amount of blood in order to produce an accurate result, meaning less pain and mess for you! A tiny 0.5mmol/L sample taken from your fingertip is all that is needed for an accurate reading. Most users report that they barely feel anything.

No Coding or Calibration Required

Unlike other meters on the market, you can use our meter right out of the box. There are no coding strips and no calibration steps.

Buy With Confidence

As keto dieters, we know how frustrating it is dealing with device issues or having test strips fail on you. We created our company policies with you in mind: full refunds if you are not happy with your meter and free replacement strips for any that fail on you. Just let us know if you encounter any issues and we will take care of it!